Obel was founded in 1953 in Milan by Ervino Bregant with the primary aim of manufacturing coffee grinders. Since then, the company has been involved in the constant development of products as well as research into the best materials and state-of-the-art technologies. Of no less importance is the attention paid to customer requirements and collaboration with several of the biggest espresso coffee companies, which have allowed Obel to constantly grow. Thanks to the company's flexible approach, we can now also offer custom made machines.

Know how, quality and in-depth knowledge of the sector are essential components which bode well for building a future where service and customer satisfaction are key.

Obel's success can be summed up with the following three key points.

  • KNOWLEDGE of the market and of its evolution, particularly as regards attention to customer satisfaction in terms of products and the service provided

  • FLEXIBILITY in both commercial and manufacturing terms

  • QUALITY of products, paying particular attention to production processes and quality control 




dsq drogheria

Model dosatore famiglia 1970-1990 Coffee grinder DSQ 1965-2010 Coffee grinder DSQ Drogheria 1965
Coffee grinder   DSC  1953-1965 Coffee grinder DSC Drogheria 1953-1965